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Gwen Hughes CDs

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Native Land


Sample Tunes

   The Other Side Of Lonely
   These Years

“We’re all on a journey,” says Gwen Hughes. “I express mine through song.” An Atlanta-based songwriter and singer, she captures the ups and downs of her passage through life, with profound authenticity and revealing honesty on Native Land. Gwen’s journey began when she started piano lessons at the age of five, and years thereafter took to singing after realizing its evocative power.

“Though I live in the south, this music is universal,” she says. Music hasn’t just been her mode of expression but also a ticket to the world, performing in dive bars in Macon, Georgia to coffee shops in Istanbul, Turkey. At the same time, Gwen delivers an elegant and commanding tribute to the love song itself: “Native Land” features seven original tunes and four covers – all of which are first class tracks. “I hope that by listening to this album, people remember to be true to themselves,” she affirms. By opening her heart, we hear the melody of a radiant and inspired soul. For more info click here.

Sample Tunes

CD Baby

This is a wonderful album of 11 extremely well written, composed and performed songs that have left a deep impression on me.

Ricky Kej, Grammy, Nominated World Music Artist

Gwen does it again. She touches the soul while you’re tappin’ your toes…

Bruce Pulver, Author & Contributer-Jazz Times

Dancing In The Moonlight

Sample Tunes

   You’re So Good At Loving Me
   So Long Ti Gres

After years of touring the castles and concert stages of Eastern Europe, Gwen and the band Mono finally went in the studio. They laid down their fresh interpretations of her songs (check out the difference between Instead of Light’s “You’re So Good at Loving Me” and what the Slovenians do with it on this album); plus covers of audience favorites like “What’s Going On” and the title track; and brand new songs, like Gwen’s new “Unstuck” and the first ever Slovene-American duet, “Ti Gres.”


An iTunes exclusive release in the USA/Hard Copy CD’s available Europe only
© Copyright 2013 – Redwarbler Music/Fairfield Records and Kulturno Drustvo Obala Jazz

A slick, sophisticated sound aimed squarely at grown folks.

Georgia Music Magazine

Big Kids Jazz

Sample Tunes

 It’s Really Christmas Now

Features two songs that were recorded in consideration for Putumayo Records’ “Jazz Playground” series, “Chocolate” and “Sweet Potato Biscuits and Sour Apple Jam.”

This album also features Gwen’s only recording of her popular Christmas song, “It’s Really Christmas Now”.


An iTunes exclusive
© Copyright 2010 –RedWarbler Music / Fairfield Records

Our seven year old daughter walks around the house singing Gwen’s songs with her iPod. She does not have the amazing range and energy that Gwen brings to her music, but it shows that some little kids really dig the Warbler.


Instead Of Light


Sample Tunes

You’re So Good At Loving Me
Time Of The Season

Recorded in New York with Danny Kopelson (behind the board on Cassandra Wilson’s Grammy-winning “New Moon Daughter”) at Philip Glass’ “Looking Glass” and Ric Ocasek’s “Dangerous Music” studios. Beautiful music with a sandpaper edge.


© Copyright 2007 –RedWarbler Music / Fairfield Records

With this essential addition to her already impressive canon of performances, looks like she’ll be on that stage for many years to come, with a mesmerized crowd in tow, hanging on every nuanced interpretation.

Georgia Music Magazine

Depending on your mood, there’s something for everybody on this disc. From the pining elation of Come to Me to the sexy swagger of Giant Step to the silliness of Whole Lotta Love.

iTunes Review

High energy, bare feet, kool kats, red hair and drama…

The Eleventh Hour, Macon, GA

The Misplaced Martini


Sample Tunes

 Mood Indigo
Just A Gigolo

If you like your jazz fun, free-wheeling and sly…this is the music you need to hear. Gwen and the Kats take these classics and reinvent them, all spontaneous, all heartfelt.

Recorded at Sambuca Jazz Café and Parisian Cosmetics Department, Atlanta, GA. Gwen and The ‘Kats are the ambassadors of jazz in the South, converting the masses who would otherwise never step foot in a jazz club…like Gerry Mulligan said once, “bring the fun back to jazz.


By: Gwen Hughes © Copyright 2001 –RedWarbler Music / Fairfield Records

Best Jazz Artist – Readers Pick.

Creative Loafing, Multiple Years

To say that Gwen Hughes has a powerful voice is putting it mildly.

Charleston's Free Time

Gwen is an outstanding vocalist who truly makes any song her own.

Sambuca Jazz Cafe, Atlanta, GA

Lost And Found


Sample Tunes

Annie’s Song
Grace Rain Down
The One Who Fooled Them All

A sensuous fusion of jazz & folk into something extraordinarily new.

Like a great dinner, replete with all kinds of courses. A collection of ruminations on how close and how far love and success can be.


By: Gwen Hughes © Copyright 2001 –RedWarbler Music / Fairfield Records

The South’s sexiest songstress and her killer band are as irresistible as gravity.

Borders Book and Music

Daring a experimental, much richer texture [than Torch Life]…

Creative Loafing

She’s found for herself the ideal medium for which a woman can exercise the effects of reckoning the conscience with the libido.

The Brunswick News, Macon, GA

Torch Life


Sample Tunes

Did It Really Happen
 Soft Touch

Swing Music played on everything from pizza boxes to big band horns…throaty vocals, searing guitars, pulsing pianos…not a choice between pop and jazz, but a merging of the two, creating romantic nostalgia that is also contemporary.

Gwen’s recording debut. Imagine sitting in a club or cafe, at a remote table, waiting for the new band to make an appearance. The air is heavy with smoke, the brightest light is directed at center stage.

Cigarette girls sashay by, martinis glint in the stage light. But you haven’t stepped back in time. This is now.


By: Gwen Hughes © Copyright 1997 –RedWarbler Music / Fairfield Records

Gwen is reminiscent of a young, big-throated Shelia Jordan.

Cadence Magazine

Upright bass, hep-cat kind of stuff…a great make-out CD.


Seated at a side table with a crowd of rockers, I’m tickled to see that everyone’s watching with slack-jawed attention, the whole performance is genuinely breathing.

Creative Loafing, Macon, GA