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Project Description

Original Music by Gwen Hughes.

Gwen Hughes Original Song “You Make Me Feel Like Candy” originally produced by  Gina Palermo in 2010 as a video project to practice using the technique of green screen and overlays. Having fun with the song, costume changes and learning different techniques Gwen and Gina arrived at this music video. With the newer technology available just 4 years later this 2014 version has been revised to bring out the original format just a little better. We are sure that you will agree that this is a playful and entertaining performance by Gwen of her original song, “You Make Me Feel Like Candy”.

This song is a mainstay of Hughes & The Global Jazz Gang’s international touring in Eastern Europe (Slovenia, Italy, Croatia & Austria). Features members of Vecinos del Mundo on percussion.

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by: Gwen Hughes © Copyright 2001 –RedWarbler Music / Fairfield Records
Video Production by: Gina Palermo MacFarland of Pro Motion Online.